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New Comic Test 4 by jmatchead
New Comic Test 4
Gonna post one more of these here. At this point, I'm convinced that I can do this comic pretty quick and easy, so I'm gonna go for it. Of course, now it just needs a name...
New Comic Test 3 by jmatchead
New Comic Test 3
I really love drawing both if these guys. Adam is turning out to be much more of a weirdo than I had ever intended, but I kind of love it.
New Comic Test 2 by jmatchead
New Comic Test 2
Thought the last page turned out good, so took a pass at a second. Lettering is getting better, and I'm trying to embrace my naturally wobbly linework to give it a kind of distinct look.

I'm still coming up with a title I like. 
For Freedom! by jmatchead
For Freedom!
First off, I'm well aware that this is probably ridiculously sexist, and I offer no defense for that. Some context: Years ago, a friend and I were working on a game about the American Revolution, stylized like a Japanese RPG. We wanted to nail some of the more egregious tropes they're so well known for, so the idea of a super sexualized, fan-servicey Betsy Ross seemed perfectly absurd. The game never ended up happening despite the fact that we both put a ton of work into it, but I have to say I've always loved what we had accomplished. I was feeling nostalgic, and wanted to do some more digital only practice, so that's how I came to revisit Betsy after quite a while.

She was always one of my favorite characters to work on, because I thought we came up with some genuinely cool ideas for her in terms of gameplay. She ended up being kind of a ninja style character, with high mobility and lots of clever moves, including being able to bind her enemies to each other, or to the tile they were stationed on for several turns. She also could plant flags to boost allies' stats, and distract enemies from a distance with a charm-type move. She was an aggressive, close range fighter with lots of options, and I always prefered her to our George Washington, who was just a kind of vanilla attacker. Her weapon, an oversized needle and thread combo, struck me as fun in a kind of goofy, Ranma 1/2 way.

In terms of her character, I had always imagined her being assertive and flashy, although we sadly never got far enough in development to start making serious attempts a script.

This turned out leagues better than the actual artwork from the game ever was, which makes me kind of proud of my progress. In the end, though, I always kind of see her as more cute than sexy.

I might do similar pieces for some of the other characters in the future. For now, I'll probably focus on another page of the comic I posted earlier this week.
New Comic Test by jmatchead
New Comic Test
Wanted to experiment with doing a small, totally digital comic that I could work on in between pages of Nova Phase and other freelance work. I've had this idea kicking around my head since I was a kid, basically, so why not finally give it a try? I've been putting off forever because I was afraid I couldn't do it right, but I tried thinking smaller. I've spent a long time with these characters in my head, so why not give others a chance to meet them?

This was originally going to be more of a gag comic, but I thought a little exposition would be okay at the beginning. The art's a little simpler than I usually do, but I think it works.


United States
Favourite style of art: 1980s anime :>
Favourite cartoon character: Foghorn Leghorn
Personal Quote: "I-I-I know what you're gonna say, son. When two halves is gone, there's nuthin'
Haven't posted anything here in QUITE a while. Literally two days or so after my last post, I got a full time job doing designs for a toy company, where I currently work with pretty major clients, including comic giants and like every major sporting league, so I've been pretty focused on doing my best on that front. It was a major career change for me, and was a lot to get used to , but now I'm finally used to it and have been trying to start building my private work back up again. I'm back to posting on my blog, which I have often linked here, but I thought I would drop by and update anybody still keeping an eye on this page, as I still get a surprising amount of traffic here.

First off, although I'm gonna try to get some stuff up here now and then, the bulk of my work is gonna show up on my blog first. I'm posting pretty regularly lately, including comics, posters, and random art, so if you like my work (which I hope you do!), I encourage you to check out DokiDoki Arcade! I post all sorts of other stuff too, including articles and discussions on games, toys, and cartoons, and am always trying to expand with new kinds of content.

Secondly, the comic series that I have been illustrating for over a year has come a long way since I first posted about it here. Nova Phase, written by my buddy Matt Ritter and published by Slave Labor Graphics, is 4 issues deep into a 6 issue run, and has had two print volumes released! The comics are available digitally through Comixology, and the paperback volumes can be found on Amazon. Both are extremely inexpensive for what you are getting (the paperbacks are full color and over 60 pages for less than ten dollars!), and have gotten very positive reviews from some fairly credible sources! I swear!

I think that's pretty much it!

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